Face Fit Testing

In keeping with the Health and Safety Executive approved code of practice when it comes to using respiratory protective equipment (RPE), Firstline Safety Training is able to offer a Nationwide Qualitative Face Fit Service. Available either at our own premises or as on-site training, one of our accredited trainers will show users how to properly fit and wear a facemask.

Course Objectives

Anyone who works in a role where it is commonplace to use RPE should be fully trained regarding how to use it properly in order to protect themselves from dust and other dangerous substances. This is particularly true of those working under regulations associated with Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), Control of Lead at Work (CLAW) and the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR).

The main purpose of face fit testing is to ensure that anyone who uses RPE knows how to properly check, fit and wear it so that it fulfils its intended task. A practical demonstration of the most common face fit methods will be given, and delegates will be asked to show their competence with hands-on testing. Our face fit testing will also explain the reasons behind wearing such equipment in the first place.

It is recommended that delegates are clean-shaven in order to ensure that the seal between the mask and the face is airtight. Although the HSE does not stipulate that this must be the case, it does state that having facial hair in this area is very likely to reduce the efficiency of the facemask and potentially allow the wearer to be exposed to airborne toxins. We also ask delegates not to smoke or drink coffee at least half an hour before the face fit session.

Training Method

Practical Training.

Firstline Safety Training can carry out Qualitative Face Fit Testing either on-site, at your premises or at our office/training centre.

30 minutes per candidate

Clients Receive
Qualitative Fit Testing Employee Record

Complies with
COSHH Regulations 2002

Nationwide and Overseas. Maximum 14 candidates per course

  • Details of Person Being Fit Tested
  • Assessor Information
  • Mask Details
  • Pre-Test Check
  • Sensitivity Test
  • Fit Test Exercises (7)
  • PPE Check
  • Fitting of RPE
  • What to Use and When
  • Visual Checks
  • Safe Use and Wearing
  • Defects & Reporting
  • Cleaning
  • Storage

Throughout the training course practical assessments will be made.

Candidates are required to don their RPE without assistance and perform a Pre-Use Check

Certificates are only valid provided there are no physical changes to the candidate.

For example: Growing a beard or a large physical weight gain or loss.


Price on application. All our prices are extremely competitive.

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